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During this difficult time, the entire team of OZ CONSULTANCY is working uninterruptedly to provide our clienteles all the quality services as much as possible. We acknowledge that many of you are severely impacted due to this pandemic hence as a matter of support, we are offering you FREE Student Visa Extension.

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You can proceed for the visa extension and we recommend you to apply through our online help available.

Note: It is highly recommended by Department of Home Affairs (DHA) that all onshore applications should be lodged 6 weeks before the expiry date.

Yes, we are facilitating this support under the supervision of our Migration Advisor (MARN: 0853181) for next 3 months, it means any visa expiring until 30th June, 2020.

Note: We are hopeful that this situation will improve within next 3 months. However, we may be able to provide extended support and flexible approach as per individual scenario.

No, although our professional services are FREE of Cost during this time frame but you will be required to pay the visa fees prior to the lodgment and for that we will generate a proper invoice.

We recommend you to commence your application process ideally 2 months before visa expiry. This will allow both the collaborators to have enough time for your application completion and encounter any unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, we will support you during this challenging time as much as possible.

Processing time is around 6-8 weeks, subjected to the completion of all requirements including medical examination as the appointment is limited during current climate.

Yes, you will be issued Bridging Visa A and you should continue your study and work as per the permitted hours.

Yes, our team will provide you all the necessary assistance, concerning all the requirement of student visa extension, so that you can have peace of mind.

Yes, our education team will provide you all the necessary assistance as per your desired course, campus, city, college or university in line with your circumstances.

During this critical period, our education services are FREE of Cost. It is recommended to book an online appointment at prior and send your documents for profile assessment.

Yes, you can but it is advised that you should book an online appointment with our Migration Advisor (MARN: 0853181) and have a detailed professional discussion about your profile and future possibilities.

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