Australian Government Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) Fees for different visa categories Click here
Skills Assessment Authorities

AUD$ 500 to 1,000

As per skills assessment authorities for nominated occupation

State Sponsorship Fee (if applicable)

AUD$ 300 to 500

Some Australian Government States Authorities are offering this services at no cost but few are offering in the above range

Australian Federal Police Check (if applicable) Overseas Police Check

AUD$ 50

(Online Service) http://www.afp.gov.au/

Depend upon your country of residence

Biometrics AUD$ 50 to 100

Medical Examination in Australia

Medical Examination in Overseas

AUD$ 300 to 500

AUD$ 100 to 200

Depending upon your country of residence

Other Disbursements such as Photocopying, Couriers (Local and Overseas), Postage, Printing, Documentations, Telephone, and File Management etc. AUD $ 50 to 150


In compliance with the MARA – Code of Conduct for registered migration agents, the amount of our professional service fee will be fair and reasonable as per your case profile. The professional fee will be quoted to you before commencement of work based on your individual circumstances and depending upon the following conditions:

Your visa application type.

New Visa or Extension.

Family Composition (Single, Couple, Family)

The estimated numbers of hour it will involve in preparing and finalizing your application. This can certainly vary on case to case basis.

The level of service package you require from our side such as only consultation, review, partial or full service.

Any additional assistance require for special and complex circumstances.

You can view the information of MARA Agent Fee Click Here and that will give you better idea of professional fee range.

Service Category
Fee Range in AUD$
Education Appointment / Counselling FREE TThis service is available in our all offices which will allow you to finalize the decision and proceed further after meeting with our counsellors.
Registration, Admission, Management, Coordination  and Visa Processing 350 to 750 Generally to be paid in 2 to 3 instalments.
Migration Assessment FREE After filling the Online Assessment Form, our Migration Team will do the assessment of your case profile and inform you about the Eligibility (YES/ NO) and how to proceed further

Migration Appointment / Consultancy

{Note: All appointments fees will be deducted/adjusted from any future visa services from OZ Consultancy within the period of 3 months}

125 to 250

Professional Consultancy over the phone / skype / email / face to face over the duration of 30 to 60 minutes if you wish to obtain prior to case registration & finalization of case.

This will assist you to understand your case scenario in much in-depth and answers to any specific questions you may have.

Skilled Visas

{Including temporary and permanent}

1,250 to 3,850 Generally to be paid in 3 to 5 instalments

Employer Sponsorship

{Including temporary and permanent}

1,650 to 4,250 Generally to be paid in 3 to 5 instalments

Business Migration

{Including temporary and permanent}

5,500 to 9,500 Generally to be paid in 5 to 8 instalments
Student Visas and Extensions 500 to 850 Generally to be paid in 1 to 2 instalments
Visitor Visas 550 to 950 Generally to be paid in 1 to 2 instalments
Review Application at Administrative Appeal Tribunal and Ministerial Intervention 1,550 to 4,250 Generally to be paid in 2 to 5 instalments

Important Notes:

General Sales Tax (GST) 10% to be added on the professional services (applicable to clients in Australia).

We receive payment from client and kept in the Client’s Account as per the industry code of conduct until services rendered.

We are bound to provide our statement of services / invoice within 28 days of services rendered.

We do not recommend cash payment to any of our offices thus all valuable clients are requested to avoid this method.

We do accept credit card payment with a small surcharge of 1% which is basically bank charges.

Generally the professional fee is fixed for the scope of services we will render for the entire duration of representation in relation to your case. However, if there any change in scope of services or unforseen complication or change of circumstances then we will let you know in advance about any additional fee component.